About Us

CrossFit Euphoria is a registered CrossFit affiliate that seeks to make our athletes healthier, both mentally and physically, by employing the CrossFit health and fitness methodology. Our goal is to build physical and mental fitness within the gym’s community. We focus on increasing each athlete’s workout capacity over time. We keep it interesting by constantly changing the WODs. CrossFit Euphoria is a welcoming atmosphere to men and women from all levels of fitness seeking to improve his or her overall performance, general physical ability, and quality of life. We are committed to life transformation for each and every athlete one WOD at a time. In short, the strength you gain in the gym will help you in everyday life. 

Why CrossFit Euphoria? Many reasons. Here are three:

1. Exciting

It’s more than a workout. You discover new levels of fitness working alongside a community that motivates and cheers you on. New exercises will challenge you everyday. You will do things you never thought possible. You will learn from coaches and fellow athletes. You will forge strong friendships, cheering for others while they cheer for you. You will want to be here!

2. Fast

Our daily workouts are short but intense. Each WOD is offered several times a day. In only an hour, each athlete can come in and workout within the context of a busy day.

3. Fitness

Euphoria CrossFit combines CrossFit methodology, solid coaching, and healthy nutrition into a program that is safe and supportive. No matter your age, our athletes discover change – weight loss, more strength, better sleep, and greater energy.