Euphoria Fundamentals

Euphoria Fundamentals is an introductory class required for all new members.  In just two sessions you will be ready to attend normal classes and already beginning to feel the difference fitness can make in your life. Sessions are held Thursday and Saturday. If you miss a session, you can easily make it up the following week. Each session includes coached practice, a short lecture, and a uniquely tailored workout. After Euphoria Fundamentals you will have the confidence to safely perform each core movement utilized in our workouts.

You will learn what foods can help you achieve the results you want and what foods will hinder your efforts. You will be prepared to enter into normal classes confident and already knowing several people. 

“Crossfit has given me confidence to believe in myself, that if I work hard I can accomplish anything I put my mind and body to. I’ve learned the word ‘can’t’ should never be spoken at Crossfit. Can’t is limiting and I’ve proven to myself that I can. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but eventually I will be able to succeed at the next Crossfit goal. Bring on the muscle-ups!”

- Sample Customer

Regular Classes

Once you have completed Euphoria Fundamentals, you are ready for regular classes. These are 1 hour long and offered during the morning, mid-day and late afternoon/early evening.  Each class has a maximum of 12 athletes per coach, allowing the coaches to provide you with quality, individualized instruction. You can sign up for classes online.

Each class the coaches will lead you through a warm up tailored to that day’s workout, a demonstration of each movement found in the workout, the WOD and a stretching/cool down period.  Our coaches will help encourage you, spot trouble areas and coach technique and assist with scaling the movements to fit your abilities.